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AIW Spa help.

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AIW Spa help. Empty AIW Spa help.

Post  NB21 on Tue 3 May - 20:33


Basically, in the 2007 BN track (2005 bus-stop chicane and F1 pits) the cars coming out of the pits have no waypoints so they constantly crash in the pitlane. Also, on the way out of the pitlane the cars hit the inside wall and get suspension damage on the right rear. Finally, CTDP 2005 cars should easily be able to take Eau Rouge and Blanchimont flat out, yet they lift off every single lap. I would tackle editing the AIW myself, but the editor doesn't work on Windows 8, so no luck there. If anyone could have a go at fixing the AIW that would be much appreciated, although alternatively I would love a link to a different version of a 2005 spec Spa, with the second version of the bus-stop (left-right). Thanks in advance. Smile

Edit: I know it's been a while and I'm not even sure this is the right place to ask so sorry in advance and to the Moderators feel free to take down this post, but it's actually the same version of Spa as the latest one uploaded to rFactorCentral. Regards.

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