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[RELEASED]F1 2015 Codemasters by Patrick34 v0.5

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[RELEASED]F1 2015 Codemasters by Patrick34 v0.5

Post  Patrick34 on Mon 25 Dec - 11:44

So here is a "beta" version of F1 2015 Codemasters cars converted to rFactor by myself.
Mod base is my 2015 mod,so don't be surprise if it's quite similar to my "normal" 2015 mod,in fact I think that only Car models changed.
This mod couldn't be possible without Dave Noonan,the maker of this wonderful tool : 3DSimEd.
We can open F1 2015 Codemasters content and export to rFactor and also have the shaders to see F1 cars decals (Thanks to him)
That's why there is no "shaders" for the moment.
Due to Codies texture mapping,I had two choices : Having car painting and shaders (like 2015 0.75) but not having any decals and the other choice (What I choosed) is to have car paiting and car decals.
If someone know who will be able to make a shader to rFactor where we can see Paiting + Decals + Shaders,please tell me
Personnally,I tried and I didn't succeed...
Compared to F1 2015 Mod 0.75 there is a lot of things missing,
there isn't Specific track car liveries,specific models,test drivers and some other things because it's pretty hard to work on 2015 codemastes cars.
Anyway I hope you will can enjoy this mod Smile

RFE Plugin is mandatory (Included).I also included an rFactor.exe to people with Steam version who have trouble with RFE plugin,
you just have to replace your rFactor.exe with mine (Remember to backup yours).This may works and fix your crashes Smile

Due to high quality models and textures,The mod is heavy FPS killer.I suggest you to use 4gb patch on your rFactor ( ) and to use the command +fullproc (search on Internet for more information)
I suggest to use with this mod :
Very good F1 2015 trackpack made by WCP-Series

Please,if you need to take something from my mod,ask me.
It took me a lot of time to make this mod and this effort is not valued.


a) Put all folders into your rFactor folder (Default is C:\Program Files\rFactor)
b) Replace all files.
c) Ready


F1 2015 Codemasters by Patrick34 0.5
First version released



Mercedes - Codemasters
Red Bull - Codemasters
Ferrari - Codemasters
Williams - Codemasters
Force India - Codemasters
Mclaren - Codemasters
Toro Rosso - Codemasters
Lotus - Codemasters
Sauber - Codemasters
Manor - Codemasters


SafetyCar - LMT,Patrick34,N.Acciarri
Helmets - Davide Hill,jvinu2000,Nick9320,Patrick34


Mod Manager - Patrick34
Cameras - Patrick34
Physics -
Optimisation -
Menu - Patrick34,Nick9320
Logo's - Patrick34
Tyres - Codemasters,Pako
Sounds - TheSimRacer,river amaryllis
Shaders - Dave Noonan
Steering Wheels - Codemasters
LCD and LEDS - ISMT,Patrick34
Suits - Francisco Vazquez

Menu songs :
01 - Loading Medley - Mark 'TDK' Knight
02 - Start Screen Flow - Mark 'TDK' Knight


PS : The screenshots may not reflet the last version of the mod.



Size of the .rar : 583 MB
All versions of the 2016 mods on MEGA
Youtube Channel
My forum of my mods project
Facebook's page

Special thanks to my forum community,F1Classic and my facebook page for support.

If someone wants to donate,it's here :


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Amazing job

Post  indrazta110 on Mon 25 Dec - 11:57

That is Amazing, dude! I LIKE IT VERY MUCH

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