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What's happened during these 2 years ?

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What's happened during these 2 years ? Empty What's happened during these 2 years ?

Post  Patrick34 on Sat 8 Mar - 11:21

I will try to explain me why I was inactive on this forum and why the 95 project would look like to be a dead project.
The mod was destined to the rFactor Legend league ( ).
I was maybe of a worst driver (and that's still true  lol! ) but I wanted to continue because I'm getting better day by day.
This league is doing season on old F1 mod.
A day,I was searching a mod of 95 season without success and I decided to make conversion of GP4.And then I released here etc...
The mod wasn't good,a lot of bugs,errors,it was based on a mod etc...
We was far of a really good 95 mod.
Then,I continued to convert some cars,ferrari,mclaren,simtek,forti,tyrell and jordan.
The car wasn't good converted but still better than benetton.
It was taking a lot of time and sometimes,I abandoned it for a few months and then I rework on it,then I broke my HDD etc...
But I had a goal,finish the 95 mod for make it a championship on it.I worked hard last days before choosing the mod,but it was too late.It was a big defeat for me,I couldn't do two more season it was too much for me,I was cut off internet and then I traveled.
I focus the other league I was doing too in same time than rF Legend,Only Racing (The admin is Mr.Ferrari).I was maybe one of the best driver on this league of modern F1 mod.I didn't want to continue the mod because I lost the motivation to do it,in same time,I was working on some modern mods,and it's maybe one of the reason,I'm still doing this mod.I've learnt a lot about converting from GP4 and some other game.I don't update too this forum because,it was too much to do that I wanted to make it disappear.I was too busy for registered Beta Players and I think it's a very bad idea.
But I don't get time to do it and I had to move home.Then,I regain the motivation thanks to Mr.Ferrari,without all his help I think the mod will be dead at this time.Then I was able to convert all the car in 2 Hours and I make 3 cars per days.Now,I'm happy to say a beta with all cars is ready.Please,to rFactor Legend member,I'm really sorry for leaving without saying goodbye,I have very good memories of it and I wish all the best for the future of the league.

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