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F12014 AI bug

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F12014 AI bug Empty F12014 AI bug

Post  cmr1990 on Tue 3 Mar - 1:29

hello Patrick, I just wanted to say thank you for all the efforts you took to make the F1 2014 mod, but I have discovered a potentially game-breaking bug with the AI that might do some good to be resolved.

during a simulated race with the AI (something i like to do out of boredom) with the F12014 mod I did my usual setting up. lightly editing the HDVs (i made multiple) to use custom made engine files (so that cars operated in a "class" system, to make it more realistic. IE the Marussia's are FAR slower then the Mercs.) That whole process went out without a hitch. I also edit these new HDV's and track files to make the AI do customized pitstops (and even change compounds Smile ) but when the AI came to take their pitstop I noticed something... they get STUCK. Like they will sit in the pitbox tell the end of days lol.

at first I thought it was just an oversight/mistype in the default (and copied) HDV when it was created for the mod. So I looked for
"FuelTime" "TyreTime" "damageTime" "WingTime" all of them... and they all were "normal" I even edited them down to 1second each just to test to see if indeed they were the problem.. however they were not.. Something else in the mod is causing the AI to get trapped/stuck during pitstops. And even my 2 years experience editing HDV files in Rfactor have not found a solution.

I just felt I should bring it to your attention sense I have not even seen this specific issue addressed anywhere on Rfactor communities. I love the mod and would love to see a fix or patch for it to take care of this issue. I am using an older version (v0.90) of the mod (for latency issues with a "clone/spinoff 2015 mod I custom made for my own private/personal use.) If this problem/bug was fixed in an updated version of your mod then let me know and I will update (and then have to "rebuild" my private 2015 mod fun-fun) without hesitation.

once again thanks for the hard work and hope I have been of assistance! Like I said I have 2+ years experience in HDVs (modifying other peoples mods for my own use, to do pretty cool stuff) so If I could ever be of assistance in that front I can tell you what I'm able to do Smile

take care

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