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One question beyont Patrick's F1 2016...

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One question beyont Patrick's F1 2016... Empty One question beyont Patrick's F1 2016...

Post  miskuamakus on Wed 14 Dec - 20:45

Hi to all the forum members. I just want to ask you about one issue I have but not about F1 2016 by Pratrick34; maybe through your experience i would solve it out. This is happening to me with other F1 mod where all the cars in straights turn to left side, all the cars. I've check my wheel in windows device settings and in the wheel state in rF and it's everything ok, in fact with other mods this doesn't happen. I've also check in garage setup, engine.ini and car's updates and couldn't find anything strange. Somebody have any idea of what could be wrong? Thanks in advance for any commentary or help. Cheers! Laughing
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